Tattoo Shops - CA

Tattoo Shops

At Trivium Tattoo, our skilled tattoo experts offer a truly unique and professional experience. We cater to your preferences and tastes, offering endless options for your portrait tattoos, traditional tattoos, and other custom tattoos in the Inland Empire. Whatever you're looking for, our staff can handle it. Trivium Tattoo offers our clients a superior experience in tattooing and piercing. At Trivium Tattoo we utilize top of the line equipment and ink. We also offer a wide variety and selection of body jewelry to fit your unique style. At Trivium Tattoo we are dedicated to offer our clients with the most hygienic environment using single use needles, tubes, and other disposable supplies.

Tattoo Artists - CA

Tattoo Artists

Since its inception, Trivium Tattoo has a great team of creative, skilled and experienced tattoo artists. All our professional tattoo artists are always willing to go the extra mile to work with client expectations. We always strive to develop something incredibly beautiful and unique. Our team of tattoo artists is well-versed in all the major and minor types of tattoos and they strive to offer safe, reliable, and top quality tattoo services in the Inland Empire.

Body Piercing - CA

Body Piercing

At Trivium Tattoo we use the utmost best piercing applications with as little trauma as possible. With some of the highly trained body piercing artists in the CA; you can be quite confident you'll be receiving the genuine quality service. Our perfect selection of piercing jewelry and high standards for the safety allow us to complete almost any piercing you can imagine. We offer a wide variety of jewelry to choose from. Our piercer have years of experience in practicing different piercing techniques and an in-depth understanding of the human body. Your mind can be at peace knowing that your piercing will be done by the real experts and masters in their profession.

Custom Tattoo - CA

Custom Tattoo

Our seasoned veteran artists at Trivium Tattoo can accommodate your individual requirements. Whether you are looking for something small or a full bodysuit, our skilled tattoo artists of Trivium will always do our best to offer safe, reliable, and impartial advice. We offer the best in class and highly customized tattoo services in the Inland Empire, So that you can leave our tattoo shop feeling confident, you have made the best decision. Regardless of the size, we understand that getting a tattoo is a big decision, and our job is to provide advice based on our professional experience to ensure you get it right.

Traditional Tattoos - CA

Traditional Tattoos

The traditional tattoo style is sure to be the most popular you will see today. This style of tattoos involves bold black outlines and typically quite a limited color palette. This is one of the oldest styles of tattooing and is still enjoyed by many people. Some traditional tattoos may include the classics such as pin-up, anchors, daggers, roses, swallows, mermaids, eagle tattoos, and hearts among many others. These old school tattoos are still a favorite category among tattoo enthusiasts in CA. Trivium Tattoo offer neo-tribal, traditional classic traditional, Japanese traditional tattoo at affordable prices.

Realistic Tattoos  - CA

Realistic Tattoos

Our skilled tattoo artists Trivium Tattoo have the capability to create lifelike, realistic tattoos. From portraits of loved ones to portraits of pets, we have the know-how and the skill to give you a beautiful tattoo. Our professional tattoo artists are passionate and driven about tattooing. They consistently create the best tattoos possible, for the benefit of both customer and artist.

Mandala Tattoos - CA

Mandala Tattoos

Our artists here at Trivium Tattoo are also well skilled in Mandala patterns and tattoos.The word “Mandala” means “circle” in Sanskrit. It is a ritual and spiritual Indian religious symbol that represents the universe. It has since grown into a cultural phenomenon that does not have any religious or geographical boundaries. Mandalas are most often represented by a square with four gates and a circle at the center.

Dotwork / Geometric Tattoos - CA

Dotwork / Geometric Tattoos

Dotwork tattoos are one of the most intricate styles, that our artist at Trivium can bring to life for you. Complicated geometric images are created with nothing but dots. The tattoo artist must be very patient and very talented because he has to place every dot in the right place. Many dotwork artists have also abandoned the tattoo machine and are performing hand poked tattoos. Dotwork tattoos are a style on their own, and the shading you get through dots is almost 3D. You can’t get that kind of shading with any other method. The dotwork technique is used especially for geometric tattoos, religious and spiritual tattoos.

Tattoo Cover Up - CA

Tattoo Cover Up

No one likes to admit that they have made a mistake. But most of us do, and unfortunately, tattoo mistakes are permanent. If you have been looking at the reminder of your bad choice for too long, it may be time to take action. Our artists are happy to advise you which options you have available to cover your old design. Our artists have 5-16 years of cover up experience and can help cover most any unwanted tattoo.