About US

Trivium Tattoo is one of the biggest and leading tattoo parlors and piercing studios in California. It was started in CA in 2015 with the vision of being recognized as a successful, ethical and growing provider of quality and innovative tattoos in a safe, hygienic as well as sterile environment.

Since our inception, Trivium Tattoo offers you a team of experienced and highly skilled, well-trained tattoo artists who have over the years mastered diverse types of tattoo art styles ranging from the old school, western, tribal tattoos to the biomechanical tattoos. Our California tattoo artists are also popular in CA for the abstract tattoos to realistic and fantasy tattoos as well. We at Trivium Tattoo provides a broad range of services at Trivium Tattoo such as piercing, body piercing, tattoo art, custom tattoo, traditional tattoos and realistic tattoos, body art, tattoo cover up and much more. The tattoo machines we utilize, are high-quality tattoo machines which make our tattoo services in CA reliable and safe for our CA clients. We use disposable sterilized needles for one-time use only, and we also use non-toxic, pure organic pigments which are 100% safe on the human skin with no known side-effects.

Trivium Tattoo is a place in CA where your feelings turn into expressions! In a short period since our establishment, our California tattoo artists have a catered to a significant number of customers with quality piercing at extremely affordable rates. So, visit our tattoo shop in CA today, and we will make your inner expressions come true.